But like the good business guys and gals we are, we want to have an answer for you. So while we can’t just put up a standard pricing table, we can tell you about some past project costs, and throw out some ballpark figures for you.

Firstly, one of the most important things to know about pricing for creative and development projects is that it really does work around your budget. If you walk up to a car salesman and say you want a hot sportscar and give no idea of a budget he’s gonna show you the ferrari first. If you only had 50k to spend that ferrari isn’t gonna sit well, but if you had told him your budget, then he could have found a really nice corvette for you and you’d both be happy campers.

Our projects are the same way, if you give no idea of a budget then half the time we’ll just be stabbing in the dark, either showing you ideas that are one tenth of your budget and one tenth of what you need done, or on the other end of the spectrum: ideas that make your jaw drop when you hear the price. So make sure you at least throw a ballpark budget at us, even if it’s just simple language like “hundreds”, “thousands”, or “tens of thousands” it still gives us an idea of what we should offer up.

But on to what you’re really here for: examples. Most of you are here thinking about websites. And some of the most common projects are website re-designs, which means you have a current website that has a decent structure and good information in it but it was designed and/or developed poorly and needs to be remade. In this case we wouldn’t have to write any info, find/take very many new pictures, etc., just research, design, develop, and quality control test. In those cases typical charges you could see would be $500 in research costs, $2000 in design time, $2000 in development time, and $500 in QC time. That comes to $5000 in total. If you have no current site and need copy written and content created, that can add typically $1000 to $4000 depending on the size your site needs to be. Of course those are ballpark figures, and some simpler redesigns have come in as low as $1k total and larger sites that require lots of page designs can come in as high as $10k-20k. But like we said earlier: give us an idea of your budget and we can adjust how much service we provide to match.

What about micro-sites? Micro-sites are our bread and butter, a talent of ours that sets us apart. They are very high return advertising venues, but also very high investment ones as well. A typical microsite that uses a lot of interaction, animation, and graphics can run around $20k. Of course simpler one’s that just need a little “wow” factor and good sales techniques can go much lower. But what a lot of people come to us for is our innovation, the fact that we can create new methods/abilities/technologies to give our customers enormous advantages. Be prepared though, the time differences between making something that is just at the edge of technology and something that pushes past the typical boundaries of that technology are huge. Larger projects of that nature can easily reach $50k or $100k+ if they will require time consuming new ideas/technologies.

What about logos and branding? Well logo design can depend on how much time you want to spend revising the logo. If you want to trust our judgement for what is the best logo design for your business (not a bad idea really, we are experts after all) then without revision logos can cost as low as $500. If you instead want 3 rounds of revision then the quote will be more like $800. Unlimited revision again is much higher and ranges from $1500+ depending on how much experience we’ve had dealing with your company (because that directly translates into how quickly we know we’ll be able to work with you and know what you want and need). But what we quote is what you pay, so you’ll never be blind-sided, we just need to know how much revision control you want ahead of time.

Print work like posters again depend on how many revision cycles you’ll want. A simple poster can go for $1000, or higher end designs for $2k+. But usually posters and print graphics are part of larger campaigns that were created around a budget. So tell us what you need the campaign to accomplish and what your budget is and we’ll figure out what we can do for you!